Our Acronym List


If you want to communicate effectively, it’s important to be aware of your habits. My engineering team and I often speak and write in acronyms (you know…TLAs) and it’s not good practice, at least not outside of a conversation between propeller heads. While they convey specific meaning to us, when used outside of our team, acronyms without definition can negate their potential to make our communication easier to understand.

With that in mind, we set up an official team TLA list and wanted to share it here. Some of these acronyms are truly inspired, others are obscure, to say the least. Send us an email with any comments or additions to this list and we will fold them into our secret language.

About the Author
Thomas writes about information systems and the transition challenges encountered when making a move to cloud computing platforms. He writes from a technical perspective for an audience of decision makers. The intention is to present practical guidance on how to embark on a conversion to a new, possibly consolidated, cloud based system.