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Thomas Groden

Systems Analyst and Consultant

Thomas writes about cloud system conversions and integrations. The organizing principal is that these systems must support decision making for business leaders. He writes from a technical perspective for an audience of decision makers looking to expand their use of current information technology, or embark on a conversion to a new, possibly consolidated, cloud based system.

Many of the topics are drawn from the hundreds of system conversions and implementations he and his colleagues at OpenIssue have completed for large and small clients, nonprofit and commercial. His years of hands on experience working with clients and solution integration partners brings readers informed and unvarnished commentary about common problems, technical and organizational challenges, and how to keep momentum in a conversion project.

His team’s experience with CRM, ERP, Fundraising, Financial and HR data gives them a breadth of experience well suited to today’s Cloud-based options, and converging systems paradigm.

Thomas is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago in Economics and Finance, and Principal with the consulting group OpenIssue, LLC.  XRMdata reporting and acceleration services are provided by OpenIssue and its team.