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Risk Assessments & Project Accelerators

Conversion projects from one data system to another often suffer from budget overruns and implementation delays. This occurs primarily because planning was not completed, and potential problems were not identified ahead of time. Our work with the OpenIssue conversion team has given us hands-on experience dealing with these problems and their causes, in hundreds of examples. This experience forms the basis of our 5-step transition framework. This methodology allows us to avoid known issues in system conversions, and provide guidance for efficient project completion.

Risk Assessments

Our 5 step process walks clients through interviews, stakeholder surveys and legacy system data analysis and summarizes our insights in a detailed report. This analysis provides decision makers a practical view on what their project may actually look like during implementation. Read more..

Project Accelerators

Whether a project is in process or planning stages, we can provide accelerator services. These discrete, closed-scope interventions for common problem areas deliver Agile methods which help maintain or re-establish project momentum. Read more..