Acronym List

Some of our Favorite Acronyms
1 % Rule An item in a migration that has usage below 1%
3sd Three Stage Document – a transition management tool
5mm Our 5mm methodology – a transition framework for cloud conversions
BA Business Analyst – a role in a typical project
BPR Business Process Review
BSxx Backup Set – our term for a set of client data
CAS Campaign Appeal Strategy – a structure behind a campaign taxonomy
CG Convio Product Common Ground
CGE Convio Product Common Ground Enterprise
CRUD Create Read Udpate Delete (the 4 basic actions available on any database table)
CSV Comma Separated Value
DNC Do Not Convert – our favorite part of any data conversion!
DS Data Source – a system or file containing in-scope data
DSID Data Source ID – the unique ID assigned to any one data source
EATL Extract Analysis Transform Load – welcome to our world!
ECO Engineering Change Order – a vehicle for change management on software, integration or data changes to a system.
EM Engagement Manager – a role in a typical project
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram – see link for more
ETL Extract Transform Load – welcome to our world!
FE Blackbaud Product Financial Edge donor management system
FMP Filemaker Pro Database
FUP Follow-up
GAPPS Google Apps
Grok To completely share the line of thinking with another entity
GTM Go To Meeting – an online web conference service
KWxx Kalenderwoche – or Calendar Week – refers to the ISO Week Date in any one 12 month period, typically 52 but sometimes 53. The # of the week goes where the xx are represented so that KW42 is the 42nd week of the year
LDV Large Data Volumes
LOE Level of Effort
MFI Master Field ID – a key to our 5mm methodology stage 2 setup
MOC Measure of Complexity: 1=Low 3=Middle 5=High
OCU Our Current Understanding
OOTB Out Of The Box
PCH Pre-Contract Hours -hours spent on a project before a contract is in house
PM Project Manager – a role in a typical project
PMO Project Management Office – a key function of a project team
POC Point of Contact
PPM Project Plan Management
PSU Project Status Update – a weekly update typically in document form
QA Quality Assurance/Test
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RE Blackbaud Product Raiser’s Edge donor management system
RI Reports Inventory – list of salient reports in a conversion; provides important Apples-to-Apples baseline for testing a conversion.
ROF Report of Findings
SA Solution Architect – a role in a typical project
SD Solution Design Document
SF Salesforce
SFA Salesforce Automation
SME Subject Matter Expert
SI Solution Integrator(aside from Yes in many romantic languages)
TA Technical Architect – a role in a typical project
TBD To be determined
TLA Three Letter Acronym
TOI Transfer of Information
TTC Tiny Test Conversion – caveat emptor!
UAT User Acceptance Testing
UET Unique Entry Table – for any column in a table – the list of unique values therin
xField Our nickname for custom fields used for conversion testing
xForm Transformation – as in data transformation logic and process
xLate Translate – as in data translation process and tools
HBDC Honey Badger Don’t Care
iPOS Interim Piece of S***
PEBKAC Problem exists between keyboard and chair
PITAS Pain In The A** System