Acronym List

Some of our Favorite Acronyms
1 % Rule An item in a migration that has usage below 1%
3sd Three Stage Document – a transition management tool
5mm Our 5mm methodology – a transition framework for cloud conversions
BA Business Analyst – a role in a typical project
BPR Business Process Review
BSxx Backup Set – our term for a set of client data
CAS Campaign Appeal Strategy – a structure behind a campaign taxonomy
CG Convio Product Common Ground
CGE Convio Product Common Ground Enterprise
CRUD Create Read Udpate Delete (the 4 basic actions available on any database table)
CSV Comma Separated Value
DBOR Database of Record
DFA Dataframe Assessment
DLSR Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries, a free app for Salesforce to create rollup summaries in a declarative way
DNC Do Not Convert – our favorite part of any data conversion!
DS Data Source – a system or file containing in-scope data
DSID Data Source ID – the unique ID assigned to any one data source
EATL Extract Analysis Transform Load – welcome to our world!
ECO Engineering Change Order – a vehicle for change management on software, integration or data changes to a system.
EM Engagement Manager – a role in a typical project
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram – see link for more
ETL Extract Transform Load – welcome to our world!
FE Blackbaud Product Financial Edge donor management system
FMP Filemaker Pro Database
FUP Follow-up
GAPPS Google Apps
Grok To completely share the line of thinking with another entity
GTM Go To Meeting – an online web conference service
iPaas Integration Platform as a Service
KWxx Kalenderwoche – or Calendar Week – refers to the ISO Week Date in any one 12 month period, typically 52 but sometimes 53. The # of the week goes where the xx are represented so that KW42 is the 42nd week of the year
LDV Large Data Volumes
LOE Level of Effort
MFI Master Field ID – a key to our 5mm methodology stage 2 setup
MOC Measure of Complexity: 1=Low 3=Middle 5=High
OCU Our Current Understanding
OGS Ongoing Support
OOTB Out Of The Box
PCH Pre-Contract Hours -hours spent on a project before a contract is in house
PM Project Manager – a role in a typical project
PMO Project Management Office – a key function of a project team
POC Point of Contact OR of Proof Concept
PPM Project Plan Management
PSU Project Status Update – a weekly update typically in document form
QA Quality Assurance/Test
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RE Blackbaud Product Raiser’s Edge donor management system
RI Reports Inventory – list of salient reports in a conversion; provides important Apples-to-Apples baseline for testing a conversion.
ROF Report of Findings
SA Solution Architect – a role in a typical project
SDD Solution Design Document
SF Salesforce
SFA Salesforce Automation
SME Subject Matter Expert
SI Solution Integrator(aside from Yes in many romantic languages)
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
TA Technical Architect – a role in a typical project
TBD To be determined
TLA Three Letter Acronym
TOI Transfer of Information
TTC Tiny Test Conversion – caveat emptor!
UAT User Acceptance Testing
UET Unique Entry Table – for any column in a table – the list of unique values therin
xField Our nickname for custom fields used for conversion testing
xForm Transformation – as in data transformation logic and process
xLate Translate – as in data translation process and tools
HBDC Honey Badger Don’t Care
iPOS Interim Piece of S***
PEBKAC Problem exists between keyboard and chair
PITAS Pain In The A** System